Angleton First Assembly of God
1-12-20  To Fear or Not to Fear

1-12-20 To Fear or Not to Fear

January 13, 2020

Exodus 20:20 says "do not be afraid" (in reference to God) and at the same time suggests that the fear of God is a good thing. So apparently, fearing God is different than being afraid of God. One is needed and beneficial while the other can be detrimental to a healthy relationship with our Creator. Fear God - yes! Be afraid of God - No!

1-5-20  Three Things Needed

1-5-20 Three Things Needed

January 7, 2020

Our General Superintendent, Doug Clay, has highlighted three things that are necessary for the Assemblies of God Fellowship as we move into a new year and decade. Those three things are the focus of this message.


12-29-31  Christianity Today

12-29-31 Christianity Today

December 31, 2019

Everyone has their thoughts about various things. God has given us the ability to reason, to think, and to come up with ideas. This is an awesome part of what makes us human. And while amazing, the potential problem is that we elevate our thoughts to a place higher than God's Word. We must remember and embrace Isaiah 55:8,9.

12-22-19  Immanuel

12-22-19 Immanuel

December 23, 2019

God is in control - always. This doesn't mean things are always good, just that He is never caught unaware. And regardless of what takes place, God's plan will be fulfilled. From creation until the birth of Jesus until this very moment and from now on, God is in control.

12-8-19  The Buddy System

12-8-19 The Buddy System

December 10, 2019

It's a different kind of sermon today. This message shares four important lessons we can learn from Buddy in the movie "Elf." Fun but challenging - complete with clips!

12-1-19  Customer Satisfaction

12-1-19 Customer Satisfaction

December 4, 2019

Contentment is a great attribute but is not always easy to maintain. This message takes a look at a few of the enemies of contentment and what we can do to better grab hold of this quality and keep it near us.

11-24-19  Triple ‘R’

11-24-19 Triple ‘R’

November 26, 2019

Revelation - Revival - Revolution

Give it a listen!

11-17-19  Far and Near

11-17-19 Far and Near

November 20, 2019

When we hear the word 'missionary' we usually think of someone that has been sent to a specific area or people in order to share the gospel. We need to shift our thinking and realize that all of us fit this definition to a degree. Your mission field is wherever you are.

11-10-19  Front Row Living

11-10-19 Front Row Living

November 13, 2019

Some people are in a hard place because of bad decisions. Others start out in a hard place at no doing of their own. Some are born with a head start. Others are born at a disadvantage. Some people have a lot of candy. Others have hardly any. What do you do? 

10-27-19  Because We Love Him

10-27-19 Because We Love Him

October 30, 2019

Following Jesus isn't a conditional agreement we have with God. It's not some kind of deal where we follow as long as . . .  Rather, it's a decision based on what has already been done for us. God's already given us the best deal ever - His righteousness for our sin!